Trivial Benefits; A Quick Guide

If you’re an employer and you provide benefits to your employees, these are usually subject to tax and National Insurance.

HMRC introduced a new exemption for “trivial benefits”. This means that small gifts to employees and entertainment provided to employees are now exempt for tax and NI.

What is a Trivial Benefit?

A trivial benefit is something which:

  • Costs less than £50
  • Is not cash or a cash voucher (Non-cash vouchers do qualify);
  • Is not a reward for particular services or performance
  • Is not set out in the employee’s contract.

Be aware that if the cost is even a penny more than £50 then the whole cost does not qualify for the exemption.

Examples of trivial benefits

The type of trivial benefits that are allowed include:

  • Taking a group of employees out for a meal to celebrate a birthday;
  • Buying each employee, a Christmas present;
  • Flowers on the birth of a new baby;
  • A summer party for employees.

Is there a limit on trivial benefits each year?

Directors of “close” companies can’t receive trivial benefits worth more than £300 in a tax year. A “close” company is a limited company with five or fewer participators (shareholders) who are all directors.

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